Stitched catalogues

Stitched catalogues

Our collating and binding line allows us to perform saddle stitching with the use of standard stitches or loop stitches (for keeping in ring binders). We can also use sewn and artistic binding. Pages of a catalogue can be treated with dispersion varnish, which improves the visual appearance of the print and protects it from mechanical influence. Optionally, the cover of the catalogue can be printed on thicker paper and covered with one of the foil variants: matt, gloss, soft touch, metallic, textured and additionally treated with UV varnish. We also use methods such as hot stamping, embossing or laser die-cut.

The catalogue production machine includes a system for very small formats. The smallest size is 50 x 70 mm.

Przykładowe katalogi szyte wydrukowane w Gdańsku w Drukarni Misiuro
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