MISIURO Printing House was established in 1989 in Gdańsk. From the very beginning our motto is: Printing is our family passion, and we take pride in handling our every job right.






MISIURO Printing House is staffed by people who will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Every assignment is important to us. We handle them the same way as we would like to be served. The highest quality, keeping deadlines, and solving every potential problems is our priority.

We really care, and we will prove it to you!

Pracownik firmy Drukarnia Misiuro w Gdańsku przygotowuje maszyny do druku.


Druk offsetowy

Cutting-edge equipment and a trusted team of specialists mean that we are not afraid of any challenge! Tell us about your needs and expectations. We will offer you optimal and inventive solutions tailored to your budget.

We provide white-label services and solutions. Our printing house is eco friendly and FSC® certified (licence number FSC-C169776).

Are you a printing pro, marketing agency, designer or reseller? Our white label printing program can help you offer your customers a quality product at a great price. What’s even better is, you don’t need to run a printing house or have any printing equipment whatsoever. We will print your customer’s order, pack it, stick your label on it and send it directly to your customer as if it came from you.

Our product range includes: brochures, posters, PUR bound catalogues, stitched catalogues, calendars, albums, notepads, folders, booklets, books, wobblers, POS materials, restaurant menus, invitations, business cards, medication inserts, maps and personalised printing.

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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Let’s not waste words then – see our works instead.

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FAQ – Frequently asked questions

BUSINESS CARD 1 Classic 90 x 50 mm 96 x 56 mm
BUSINESS CARD 2 Credit card 85 x 55 mm 91 x 61 mm
BROCHURE DL 210 x 99 mm 216 x105 mm
BROCHURE A6 105 x 148 mm 111 x 154 mm
BROCHURE A5 148 x 210 mm 154 x 216 mm
BROCHURE A4 210 x 297 mm 216 x 303 mm
POSTER A3 297 x 420 mm 303 x 426 mm
POSTER A2 420 x 594 mm 426 x 600 mm
POSTER A1 594 x 841 mm 600 x 847 mm
POSTER B3 336 x 480 mm 342 x 486 mm
POSTER B2 480 x 680 mm 486 x 686 mm
POSTER B1 680 x 980 mm 686 x 986 mm
ENVELOPE DL 110 x 220 mm Odległość zadruku od brzegów min. 5 mm
ENVELOPE C6 114 x162 mm Odległość zadruku od brzegów min. 5 mm
ENVELOPE C5 162 × 229 Odległość zadruku od brzegów min. 5 mm
ENVELOPE C4 229 × 324 Odległość zadruku od brzegów min. 5 mm

*NET SIZE is the size of the finished product; business card, folder, brochure or poster.

**GROSS SIZE is the net format of a publication plus a so-called bleed, any print that goes beyond the cut lines (bleed should size should be at 3 mm from all sides)

Standard calendar formats in MISIURO Printing House:

  • Three panel, small – 31 x 69 cm
  • Three panel, large – 39 x 84 cm
  • Single panel (1 large and two small calendars on one page) – 45 x 64 cm
  • Poster calendars with a hanging rail, B2 48 x 68 cm
  • Desk calendars – 24 x 17,5 cm
  • Desk pad calendar, B3 – 49 x 33 cm
  • Desk pad calendar, A2 – 60 x 41 cm
  • Calendar business card 85 x 55 mm
  • Multi-panel wall calendars – any format

All types of calendars can also be made according to individual customer requests.

The number of pages depends on the thickness of paper and the type of print finishing used, but we generally assume that there should be no more than 48.

Note that the number of pages for saddle stitching must be divisible by four.

You can use the www.wetransfer.com service (for files up to 2 GB). For larger files, please contact a CUSTOMER CONSULTANT.

Computer screens display images in RGB colour scale while the proof, offset printing and digital printing is carried out with the use of CMYK and/or PANTONE colour scale. Additionally, computer or laptop screens glow, which alters the colours as well. They may also affected by the resolution and monitor calibration. Meanwhile, the final appearance of colours on the final print is also affected by the type and colour of paper used, as well as the employed print finishing methods. We suggest carrying out a digital proof print before placing any printing orders.

Images used on webpages are usually too small. Their resolution is 72 dpi. A good quality print of a photograph or an illustration without any visible pixels should be at 250-300 dpi for the target resolution.
It should also be noted that we need the author’s consent if we want to use photographs found on the Internet.

Within the Tri-city area delivery is always free. For other locations we offer very attractive prices. To learn more, please contact our CUSTOMER CONSULTANT.


Our specialists have many years of experience in sales and marketing, and they know every aspect of the printing industry. They are always available for you.


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    We print up to B1 format, namely 1020 x 715 mm. We can print on paper and cardboard up to 1 mm thick. Our equipment involves 4 and 5 colour Roland machines with a coating tower. Paints we use include: fluorescent, Pantone, metallic, and those used for food contact.The printing process is subjected to sheet measuring control by Color Pilot system.