Presentation folders

Presentation folders

Very often a presentation dossier is the first promotional publication seen by your client. Making sure it is exceptionally well-made is therefore worth the effort.

We have a wide selection of various templates, which accommodate for the following options:

  • thin or thick spine
  • straight or curved corners
  • one or two document pockets
  • space for a business card or a CD
  • with or without a rubber band
  • permanently attached a folder or additional pages

Here are several examples:


We can also prepare an individual dossier pattern for you.

We can also prepare an individual dossier pattern for you.Dossiers are printed on thick art paper, cardboard or decorative paper. We use CMYK and/or PANTONE colour model. We also use screen printing and laser die-cutting on demand.

We make sure of all market-available print finishing methods. These include foiling, hot stamping, embossing and UV varnish.

As little as one copy can be made with digital printing (this variant involves a glued pocket). Offset printing is intended for large-circulation orders, which provides a very favourable single unit price.

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